DIY Teaching Resources for Teachers to Promote Innovative Teaching

Teaching keeps advancing in methods and practices making it a decisive choice for every teacher to choose between using the traditional learning model or create some creative ways (DIY teaching resources) to carry the class along.

The need to incorporate innovative teaching practices into classrooms is to provide a relational, interactive, and authentic learning environment where the students can easily connect with their environment.

Besides, teachers are meant to spice up the classroom, introduce extra curriculum activities that will boost the learner’s ability to create and motivate them to fall in love with the learning process.

This zeal to create an innovative learning center can only be possible if teachers are conversant or have access to DIY teaching resources (Do-it-yourself resources) to support innovative teaching methods.

These resources are effective tools to help learners connect easily with lessons, their peers, the teacher, and the immediate environment.

What are the examples of innovative learning resources used in teaching?

Teaching has advanced beyond the basic use of textbooks and novels to impart knowledge. There are innovative teaching methods that make it easier to teach a student.

 Innovative learning resources include:

  • Flipped Learning Model
  • Practical Studies
  • Design Thinking Process
  • DIY Maker education tools and resources

Your choice of DIY teaching resources should be in line with the level of learners that you are planning to teach. There are a lot of DIY teaching resources for teachers to promote innovative teaching, but every teacher must understand their class. They should also create or choose DIY innovative teaching methods that are appropriate for the age, size, and capabilities of their learning group.

DIY Teaching Resources for Teachers to Promote Innovative Teaching
Do-it-yourself resources for teachers

Top Six DIY Teaching Resources for Teachers to Promote Innovative Teaching

These DIY teaching resources are useful for creating podcasts, animations, and offering DIY tips and tutorials to produce simple crafts and usable tech gadgets from recyclable materials. However, some of these innovative resources demand subscription fees while some are entirely free.

  • Electronic is a free platform that offers DIY tutorials for instructors and students to help them produce tech gadgets. maintains the spot as the best platform for technical knowledge for technology, electronics, embedded systems, and Arduino projects.

  • makes learning from home easier. This also provides amazing innovative teaching resources for creative learning. It was founded as a UK-based charity organization working to provide digital skills and learning for learners.

Raspberrypi provides students with free software, coding guides, books and magazines, collaborative projects, and competitions.

  • is an amazing community and website where anyone can make anything become something. On, there are easy DIY guides on circuits, workshop, craft, cooking, lifestyle, outdoor, and survival skills. Instructables also offers materials for teachers to help build an interactive learning curriculum and teaching plan for their students.

This website functions as a community as everyone is permitted to upload their knowledge for the public to read, and learn from.


Learning electronics becomes easier with learn.adafruit, as there are flexible learning tutorials and series to guide each student. Students are also offered electronic projects to try out and perfect their skills.

Learn.Adafruit covers a large branch of learning that includes a circuit playground, eco-friendly utilities, gyro, magnetometers, and access to lots of collectibles.


Teachers are not left in the journey of innovative teaching. Learn spark fun provides teachers and educators with a detailed curriculum on specific learning areas. Foundational knowledge is provided to guide each educator to make great electronics and equip them with teachable skills to handle their students outside a digital platform.

  • offers students an interactive platform to learn, create and share their projects. There are a huge collection of easy-to-deliver projects and DIY videos which educators can make use of to create an amazing learning community. also provides learning resources ranging from photography, drawing boot camps, Inventions, animation, music, science, painting, gaming, rocketing, machine engineering, illustration. Students are given a lot of amazing choices for skill acquisition and digital learning.


It is the role of the teacher to sensitize the students to the benefits of innovative learning. These can be done by incorporating innovative teaching methods into learning schedules, getting familiar with innovative trends in education, and transforming the class from a traditional room of education to a creative space of learning, invention, and creation.


DIY Teaching Resources for Teachers to Promote Innovative Teaching

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