22 Strategies for Keeping Students Motivated

It has always been very challenging for teachers to motivate their students for more attention and hard work in their studies.

Motivation is of pivotal importance in students’ success at all stages of their education, and the teacher is one of the stakeholders that can provide that motivation.

Definitely, it is not an easy task, as all students are motivated differently and it takes time and a lot of effort to get a classroom with students who are enthusiastic about learning and pushing themselves towards excellence. Even the most well-intentioned and educated teachers sometimes find it hard to keep students on track.

Either the teacher is new or an experienced one, using the underlisted methods to motivate students and to encourage them to live up to their true potential, will be quite helpful.

  • Always be well-prepared for the class
  • Learn every student’s name
  • Use positive remarks
  • Encourage them on good work
  • Make learning enjoyable
  • Assign group activities
  • Change the class routine
  • Ask the students’ ideas
  • Reduce Homework
  • Assign them small tasks in class
  • Involve everyone in the class
  • Use cognitive learning
  • Plan some outing or movement
  • Exhibit some sense of humour
  • Give them choices
  • Relate the topic to everyday life
  • Try different instructional strategies
  • Set clear attainable goals.
  • Add some excitements
  • Takes interest in Students’ ideas
  • Reward positive attitude
  • Provide success opportunities

If a teacher cannot get a student to follow rules, complete work, or be kind to other students with all these strategies in the class, then the help from school team administrators, guidance counsellor, Principal etc., must be sought.

22 Strategies for Keeping Students Motivated
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