What is the Fate of Private School’s Teachers in Nigeria?

The Nigeria Government in March 2020 announced the shutting down of schools due to Covid-19 outbreak. This announcement put the lives of many private school teachers in uncertainty. The reason being that the Nigerian labour policy does not favour private school teachers in any aspect. Sadly, thousands of teachers in Nigeria have since then gone flat broke and been living from hand to mouth.

On Monday, 13 April 2020, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria addressed the nation and announced the expansion of the number of households that would benefit from the Covod-12 palliatives in form of direct distribution of food and cash (from 2.6 million households to 3.6 million households). But the questions that have been in the mouths of millions of Nigerians have been: Who are these the people in these 3.6 million households? How did the government arrive at this number? Do these numbers put into consideration people working with private sectors, including teachers?

Unfortunately, the Nigerian Union of Teachers and the Teachers Registration Council, who should be the voice for these voiceless teachers have been quiet about this.

News has been heard of teachers turning into street hawkers just to survive.

Here is another teacher lamenting this horrible situation.

Is it a crime to be a teacher?

Your opinion, please!

What is the Fate of Private School’s Teachers in Nigeria?
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