While You Expect Better Pay, Develop New Skills.

Many things have been said about how teachers are underpaid and undervalued in our society today, a situation that is not only pathetic but shows the society’s body language towards building a world that thrives on qualitative education. There is no ambiguity in this, as no quality education will be achieved with less motivated instructors. That’s a discussion for another day.

It’s understandable that every teacher seems to take this situation personally by vehemently registering their displeasure over this situation at any given opportunity, it should also be noted that this is not a new trend in the teaching profession, and in fact, there is no trace that it is coming to an end anytime soon. It has its roots in the old premise that “teachers’ reward is in heaven.”

It leaves one to wonder how such a line of thought was conceived, birthed and allowed to survive in our society. Why should it be only teachers that have to wait till they get to heaven before receiving their rewards?

In actual fact, something that is worthy of note in this is that the teachers’ dehumanization cuts across nations, even in the western world, teachers yearn daily for better treatment. According to, out of 195 countries in the world today only South Korea, Spain, Canada, Portugal, and Turkey are rated to have a good package for teachers.

Teachers in the US make historical protests every time to raise their voices, not only about the poor treatment of teachers but about education generally. In one of their recent protests, they made a demand for the provision of a $15 minimum wage for all school personnel; a 5 per cent raise for all ESPs (non-certified staff), teachers and administrators; and a 5 per cent cost-of-living adjustment for retirees. This paints the true picture that the “rich also cries.”

While the situation keeps getting worse with no lasting solution in view, it would be a good bargain if teachers step up their games in terms of professional development and performance in order to gain financial liberation.

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