Covid-19: Lessons for Governments and Education Stakeholders


One lesson governments around the world have learnt from COVID 19 is that, and as John Keynes postulated, “…when you take care of the people, the economy will take care of itself…”

Human capital is absolutely indispensable. Government should rethink the ideal around the world by investing more in human capital through education and health. No government has ever been wrong by investing massively in the two sectors.

Another important derivative of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we should think more of digital learning. Many schools are running from pillar to post evolving digital learning to cater for the remaining weeks. If they had integrated online platform from the outset, there would be no problem coping with the present situation. It is a wake-up call for the government of Nigeria to look into digitization of all sectors of the economy including education. Our economy will not have to shut if we had done this long time.

Written by: Gabby Shumohmoh

Covid-19: Lessons for Governments and Education Stakeholders
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