It is 2020 and it’s no news that our world is fast changing. Technology is taking over the steering wheel in virtually every field. All our cities will soon be “smart”. As teachers, we cannot pretend not to move with the times.

It has become more obvious than ever that technology plays a great role in children’s formative years. It has changed the way they get information, communicate, document, relax, and even shop. It isn’t surprising that technology is also changing the way children are taught and how they learn. In fact, technology has the power to transform how people learn or want to learn.

It is now an open secret that teachers need to consciously integrate tech into the classroom learning experience. Here are 5 reasons:

  • Today’s learners are digital citizens.
  • It has been proven that technology boosts classroom engagement.
  • Technologically-compliant classrooms are more mentally stimulating than traditional ones.
  • Students with technological competence perform better in school and in life.
  • Students with technological competence are more confident learners, family members, professionals, and community leaders.

If technological competence offers all of these benefits (and even more), it is expedient that learning guardians (teachers) consciously and urgently provide learners with technologically conducive environments to complement and enhance their learning process.

We know that students in this era are brimming with incredible ideas; therefore, classroom teachers need to use education technology to cultivate students’ critical thinking at every stage of learning.

One thing we are sure of is that the potential for education technology will be fully realized only if teachers embrace it. We hope you have joined the moving train.

We want to know your thoughts. How have you been integrating technology into the classroom? Would you like to know how to make your classrooms more technology-compliant? Let us know in the comments.

5 Reasons for You to Integrate Technology into Your Lessons

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