Is My Teacher a Rapist?

Yes, students ask questions like this when they are confronted with the dilemma of reconciling the role of a teacher in their lives with what they experience. It is almost cliché that teachers should play the in loco parentis role in students’ lives. Yet, stories abound to show that some teachers are far from playing this role.

We are not sitting at the juror’s seat today to cast any aspersions. No! We are only concerned and want to lend our voice to the quest to protect our noble profession from taint, mire, and stigma.

Trust is the Teacher’s Currency.

As a reminder, a teacher does not only have the primary responsibility to teach in the classroom. A teacher’s place in a student’s life is diverse. A teacher has a moral responsibility to their students, one whose basis is TRUST. This is why students look up to their teachers as people who know and do what is right.

Without trying to be politically correct, it is APPALLING for a teacher to have any form of intimate affair with their students. We have heard stories of teachers who claimed that their affairs with their students are consensual. ARE YOU FOR REAL? You are like their PARENT.

Do Not Take Advantage of Your Students’ Fear or Naivety.

Our hearts bleed when we hear stories of teachers who by their power/authority have turned their targeted students to objects of sexual satisfaction. While many of these students were dragged into such situations, as a result of their naivety, a number of them became sexual victims because of the fear of negative consequences if they rejected their teachers’ advances. These are just embarrassing cases of power corrupting absolutely. That power a teacher has is completely meant to be channeled positively, as an INFLUENCER.

A teacher is many things, but NOT a rapist, NOT a sexual predator, NOT an abuser. Together, we will stand for what is right and maintain our position of influence.

Do you agree with our views? Let us read your opinions in the comments.

Contributed by:
Esther Ajiboye, PhD.

Is My Teacher a Rapist?

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